AMPLIFIER sp. z o.o. Project Management System

We are a team of developers and digital specialists .
We’re creative and dedicated to delivering exemplary apps and experiences .
We help brands and startups at all points on their web and mobile journey.

Our leading product is AMPLI-SYNC , which is a framework for synchronizing data between a SQLite database and an MS SQL/MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL database. With this framework, your application can work completely offline (Airplane Mode), then perform an automated Bidirectional Synchronization when an internet connection becomes available.

BIDIRECTIONAL SYNCHRONIZATION - Full changes tracking on both sides – subscriber and host database (insert, update, delete).

ALL MAIN MOBILE PLATFORM SUPPORTED - iOS (objectiveC), Android (Java), .NET, Xamarin,UWP, Cordova (PhoneGAP), HTML5, JavaScript, Sencha Touch, Ionic.

INDEXES CREATION - Indexes are created on SQLite database.

AUTOMATIC SCHEMA CREATION - SQLite database is created dynamically by sync service based on database schema. No need to adding database creation script to your app.

TRANSPARENT API - No need to rewrite your application.

SCHEMA CHANGES - Database schema changes tracking and subscriber publishing.

FAST SYNC TIME - Full database sync with schema recreation. 40 tables and about 50 000 records in less than 5 minutes.

PLATFORM INDEPENDED SERVER - Runs on Windows and Linux.

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